Earlier this week, the Public Affairs Council announced that Roy Wells, President & Managing Director of Triad Strategies, has been chosen to serve on its Board of Directors

The Public Affairs Council is the leading nonpartisan, nonpolitical association for public affairs professionals. Roy joins the best and the brightest public affairs executives from across the country, representing the unique community of more than 750 leading corporations, nonprofits, associations, consultancies and universities.

Throughout the years, Roy and the team at Triad have been active in the Public Affairs Council’s programs and networking events. The Council brings together the best minds in government affairs, public policy, digital communication, issues management, corporate responsibility and related functions. 

“At Triad, we recognize the importance of being a lifelong learner,” said Wells. “We actively seek every opportunity to gain more knowledge, to increase our skills, and to become experts in our fields. Because of this, I’m thrilled to be a part of the Public Affairs Council Board of Directors, which provides countless opportunities for learning, sharing best practices, coaching, and mentoring.”

As the visionary behind Triad Strategies, Roy has shaped one of Pennsylvania’s most successful public affairs firms. He turned the traditional approach to lobbying upside down and created a firm where clients had access to not only traditional government relations services, but also communications, grassroots, and business development professionals.

“Be a Lifelong Learner” is one of Triad’s 30 fundamental behaviors known as the Triad Way, which describe how the firm works with clients, strategic partners, public officials and most importantly each other. To learn more about Triad Strategies and the Triad Way, please visit triadstrategies.com.