Thursday, November 26, 2020

Triad Strategies lives by 30 fundamentals that we have ritualized weekly for almost a year now. We recognize the importance of connecting not just with one another and the clients we serve but with the overall community. We believe that supporting each other and giving a hand, when and where we can, is paramount to our growth and all efforts to unite with one another on a global scale.  

Throughout the year, Triad gives back in various ways. Whether it’s through time or resources, we believe in the power of leading our lives with servant hearts. We don’t do this for recognition, but simply because it’s the right thing to do. These efforts are especially meaningful for us around the holidays as we recognize this can be a difficult time of year for many.  

We also continue to shine a light on those organizations who put good into the world to help elevate their voices and their efforts for the diverse communities they serve. This year, it was our honor to be able to provide support to New Hope Ministries for their outreach and support of the communities they serve in Pennsylvania.  

New Hope Ministries is a social service agency which helps community members in their times of need and providing them assistance as they work to regain their stability in society. We are proud to be able to join them in their efforts to help numerous families and individuals this holiday season. To learn more about New Hope and how to get involved with their work, click here.  

Another thing each of us is thankful for, is being able to give -whether we do it collectively or individually, these moments are very meaningful to our full team.  

Happy Thanksgiving!