Advocacy & Communications

In an age when news and information can blast across the planet in a blink, effective strategic communication is a critical element of any successful outreach campaign. It's also key to establishing and defending one’s reputation. Triad was one of the first public affairs firms in Pennsylvania to understand the importance of integrating social media into strategic communication and crisis response plans.  We continue to use that integrated approach to enable our clients to cut through the noise and become trusted content providers. 

Triad's seasoned staff of communication professionals has experience in government, private industry and the nonprofit sector. Our policy expertise covers a variety of areas, including agriculture, environmental issues, mergers and acquisitions, transportation, education, and health care.


Crisis Management

The best-run companies in the world cannot account for every employee’s actions. Just thinking about the possibilities can give a CEO nightmares.  In today’s 24/7 news cycle, the availability of social media technologies makes proper and timely communication even more necessary.  At Triad, we provide crisis management strategies that address the needs and concerns of your company’s key stakeholders, restore public's the confidence, and restore investor comfort. 

We get to the root of the problem, identify your key audiences, determine your goals, and craft an effective strategy to limit the exposure and damage caused by a crisis.

At its most basic level, a crisis is any event that affects, or could affect, an organization’s ability to carry out its mission. Whether the event is real or imagined, an act of nature or human-induced, within your realm of responsibility or entirely beyond your control, the way you handle it could destroy you, or it could enable you to fight another day.

Triad's crisis management practice has assembled an uncommon group of senior-level strategic communications practitioners with significant experience – and success – in crisis communications.

Crisis preparedness. For most organizations, it’s not a question of whether, but when a crisis will occur. Developing a plan for handling crises and training key personnel to that plan will greatly enhance any organization’s ability to withstand a crisis.

Vulnerability audits. According to Murphy’s Law, whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. A vulnerability audit can identify what those things are and enable an organization to avert or at least mitigate many possible crises.

Strategic counsel during a crisis. Once a crisis starts, most organizations need help sorting through a multitude of issues – identifying the key audiences, developing the key messages and selecting the avenues for delivering those messages.

Spokesperson training. Delivering messages effectively through the glare of TV lights or in front of concerned stakeholders requires training and practice. Our clients have acquitted themselves in high-stakes venues, including the CBS news magazine 60 Minutes and ABC’s 20/20, and other national media-feeding frenzies.

Hands-on media relations. Organizations without media relations capabilities in-house often enlist us to deal directly with the news media on their behalf. Triad provides 24/7 media relations services as required.

Post-crisis analysis. How can you do it better next time?

Media Coaching/Training

The best message in the world is doomed to failure if not effectively presented.  Preparing you and your staff for interacting with the media, and by extension, for public outreach, is one of the simplest and most valuable investments you can make in your human resources.  Triad will provide you with the tactics, techniques and skills you’ll need to handle virtually any circumstance. Our seasoned communications professionals have decades of combined experience in dealing with the news media, and we put that experience to work for you by helping you understand, practice and prepare for media interviews.  Whether you’re a an already well-trained spokesperson or a neophyte stepping in front of the cameras for the first time, Triad’s media training and coaching services will give you the confidence, and ability, to handle any interview.

Media Services

Think writing a news release and emailing it to your local media guarantees you coverage?  Think again.  In today’s globalized media environment, shining through the clutter has become more important than ever.  Whether it’s a simple news release or press conference, or a full-blown media campaign supported by advertising, you need someone who knows how to properly respond when challenges arise.  Triad’s communication, whether it’s an annual report, a cable ad campaign, a merger announcement or more, Triad has the skills, the technologies, and the human capital to deliver whatever you need. 

Coalition Building

Grassroots organizing may seem like a simple proposition, but when it comes to boots on the ground, you need help.  Triad understands the importance of stakeholder engagement and bringing diverse groups together for a common purpose.  We work closely with you to identify key constituencies, develop effective messaging and implement successful outreach efforts.  The adage of strength in numbers is never truer then when it comes to impacting public policy, and putting together groups of people, diverse or not, is a key factor in your success.

Public Relations

How does John Q. Public view your company?  Does it matter?  You bet.  Public perceptions affect your bottom line, and if you are not paying attention to what your consumers think or believe, then you are not going to be in business long.  At Triad, we craft public relations strategies that enhance and protect your company’s reputation and maintain your business base.  We take the time to fully understand and appreciate the issues and challenges confronting your company, and we implement communication practices that protect and grow your business. 

Siting Public Relations

Think your new manufacturing plant will be accepted with open arms?  After all, it is providing jobs and helping the local economy.  Think again.  NIMBYs are everywhere, and you are about to meet them.  Unless, that is, you’ve already implemented a cohesive outreach strategy targeted to your new plant’s neighbors.  We know there’s more to the politics of "siting" than simply touting benefits.  You need buy-in, from neighbors, local officials, public safety leaders and others.  Triad will help you develop the messaging, and the outreach strategies to successfully win in the court of public opinion. 

Social Media

The evolution of social media, has fundamentally changed how we communicate with one another.  FacebookYouTubeLinked-In, and Twitter have taken the communications and networking fields into the uncharted and always expanding world of the online experience.  No longer can traditional media such as radio, television and newspapers be relied upon to get your message out to your consumers, stakeholders, or even employees.  Triad has quickly became among  the few "experts" in the field of social media.  We can identify those social media tactics and strategies that will help get your message out, and to the right audience.  Triad can help you communicate your message across all media channels.