Moving Victims’ Rights from Knowledge to Action

The “Ask For Rights” campaign was developed as a national action-oriented platform to increase awareness of the existence and enforceability of the federal Crime Victims’ Rights Act (CVRA), individual state victims’ rights, and military victims’ rights. The first step in any rights movement is always knowledge of rights – and it continues to be our foundation. But we’ve learned that we can’t stop there.

The Ask For Rights campaign is an even more intentional shift of the movement from knowledge to action. The campaign will focus on priority jurisdictions, but we will work all across the country with partners to effect change. Whether it’s in the courtroom or around policy tables, the Ask for Rights campaign will reinforce that it’s our collective responsibility to ensure that victims’ rights are afforded. 

The campaign will educate, encourage, and empower attorneys, prosecutors, judges, lawmakers, advocates, allied professionals, and survivors to identify gaps in policies, protocols, and the justice system – and help to remedy those gaps by Asking For Rights in ways that create change.