Pennsylvanians whose lives are dependent on critical ventilator support have been at risk of seeing their specialty care homes close over the last several years. Sadly, chronic underfunding at the state level and insufficient Medicaid reimbursements put these facilities in jeopardy.

This created an access-to-care crisis, the pandemic made it worse.  At least six facilities were forced to close their respiratory units. AristaCare — one of a select list of providers that specialize in this care — engaged Triad to statutorily require necessary support from the state. Significant changes would need to be made as part of the state budget.

Knowing the complexity of the issue and the challenges that came with it, Triad worked with health policy experts at DeBrunner & Associates and other allies to develop a comprehensive outreach plan to persuade and engage lawmakers. committed to saving these facilities and supporting their residents and families. Triad was able to support AristaCare’s needs by combining media outreach, editorials and commentaries, and carefully crafted legislative language supported by real-world facts.

The newly enacted legislation and funding will ensure ventilator and tracheostomy care will be available for years to come. Now, families of loved ones who have been seriously injured in accidents; suffered life-changing effects from strokes; or live with diseases like ALS and are dependent on vent-trach care can access necessary treatment.