Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Triad Strategies welcomes two interns for the 2020 Fall Semester, Alexus Lauver and Aaron Danks. Both students come to us from Temple University. Although they won’t be enjoying the typical in-person internship experience, we look forward to working with them virtually and augmenting their education and experience in public affairs. 

Alexus Lauver, Political Science and Spanish Double Major, Senior 2021

As a government affairs intern with Triad Strategies, I am hopeful that I will learn more about the legislative process and maximize the application of my skills as a Political Science major within Triad’s government affairs practice.

My overall goals for the internship are to connect with each part of Triad in an individualized way, whether that be translating social media posts, working with specific co-workers’ interests, or by expanding upon my knowledge of Triad’s clients through bill tracking and strategic communication.

I was interested in a government affairs internship with Triad to understand the overall lobbying process and framework within a structured bipartisan firm. I also hoped to gain a better understanding of public policy and the legislative process so that I can continue to use it in my future endeavors after my time at Triad Strategies.

Upon graduation, I plan on pursuing a career in advocacy work, advocating on behalf of vulnerable children. 


Aaron Danks, Political Science Major, Economics Minor, Senior 2020

For most college seniors, graduation isn’t some light at the end of the tunnel: it’s a time crunch. It’s a time when important decisions about one’s future have to be made. You’re left with a multitude of unknowns. Do I have enough experience to make it in my field? Did I even pick the right field? Will I have a job before I start paying off my loans? Should I have applied to law school?

But during a pandemic, these feelings are amplified. Immensely. As a senior graduating from Temple University in December with a degree in political science and economics, it’s sometimes a struggle not to feel this way. To fear this unknown. 

But I have to remember I’ve been fortunate. I’ve had three previous internships in areas spanning issue advocacy, public relations, and campaign fundraising. I’m no stranger to remote work. I’ve spent the past seven months working out of my parents’ basement in Reading. Most importantly, my advisors at Temple, Erin Dwyer, Mike Nerozzi, and Dr. Robin Kolodny, have worked tirelessly to help me land a wonderful opportunity with Triad Strategies for this semester. 

Throughout these first few weeks of meetings, legislative training sessions, and support work on projects, I’ve learned so much about Pennsylvania state politics, Triad’s diverse clients, their unique interests, and the wide array of services we offer. I look forward to working under my supervisor, Megan Dapp, and supporting the government relations and advocacy and communications teams and their clients public affairs issues. I hope I can soon become a valued member of the Triad Team. 

While I won’t have the chance to network with all of the new people I would have come across in Harrisburg, my experience with Triad Strategies will prove to be an incredibly rewarding opportunity. I can’t wait to dive in.