Thursday, July 30, 2020

By: Sydney Kockler 

When I began as an intern with Triad, I had just graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with dual degrees in Political Science and Communication and was looking ahead to a gap year to study for the LSAT and apply to law school.

As I write this, I am preparing for my first year of law school at Villanova University. My internship at Triad throughout this time of transition has provided valuable professional and life experience. Triad helped to push me outside of my comfort zone as I transitioned from student life to work life, all the while helping me advance to the next step in my professional career.

My collaboration with members of both the government relations and public affairs teams has given me many new insights. Listening to and learning from colleagues with differing political views and ideologies has helped me understand the importance of bipartisanship when serving clients. I am fortunate to have worked alongside powerful women who have helped me gain perspective as I continue to find my place and my voice as a female in the workplace. I am especially appreciative to my supervisor, Brendan Schubert, for his oversight in helping me expand my network in the Pittsburgh area.

Although I was involved in a number of projects and initiatives as part of Team Triad, some of my most memorable experiences during my time include:

I am thankful for the colleagues I have been fortunate to work with and hope that in some small way I have left my mark on the Triad legacy. My time and experience at Triad is something I will carry with me as I continue to learn and grow as a student and young professional.