Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Triad High Res Logo 2By: Roy Wells 

Triad Strategies has evolved in many ways since its creation in 2001, but our core values have remained constant. Over the past 19 years, those core values have developed into a set of behaviors that we believe have led to our success as an organization.  During the last quarter of 2019, our leadership team sat down with David Friedman, author of Culture by Design and CEO of High Performing Culture LLC, to assist us in better defining and institutionalizing those behaviors that define our corporate culture.

After much introspection and discussion, we developed a list of 30 fundamental behaviors, which we refer to as “The Triad Way,” which describes how we work with our clients, public officials, strategic partners, our community partners, and most importantly, each other.  These behaviors comprise the very foundation of what we believe is our competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Although there are 30 fundamentals that encompass The Triad Way, all are grounded in our core values:  teamwork, honesty, integrity, client-focused, results driven, excellence and accountability. Each week team Triad focuses on one behavior which we describe as the fundamental of the week.  During every internal meeting, we discuss the fundamental of the week, how we practice it in our daily routines, and how we can ensure that it remains a part of our corporate culture.

Starting next week, we will begin our fundamental of the week blog post and share what we are focusing on. We look forward to sharing these behaviors and values with our community, with the hope of creating a deeper discussion that will not only help us improve our culture but hopefully assist others in strengthening theirs.  Stay tuned!