As we celebrate Thanksgiving, we take time to pause, reflect and consider all there is to be thankful for. Maybe you’re thankful for a friendship, an unexpected gift, a new experience, or a chance to enjoy time with your loved ones. Maybe you’re thankful for the ability to be able to give and to help someone. Maybe you’re thankful to make a connection with someone. Whoever it is or whatever it is, there was something about that interaction that was special to you and that’s a reason to smile.

This week as Team Triad prepares for the upcoming holiday, we took a moment to discuss one of our fundamentals – – investing in relationships. As we talked through what that phrase means to each of us, we talked about those pieces that add to our individual and collective relationships. We shared the importance of being present in the moment, being honest about our intentions and respecting one another. And within that context, we consider what means to be there for the community and what it means to continue to show up for our neighbors.   

As a firm, earlier in the year, we began giving thought to how and where we could be of service and help families who could use a little extra support this year. We contacted our friends and partners at both Jaindl Farms and the Central PA Food Bank to see what we could do. Jaindl Farms, a five-generation family farm, began in the 1930s. Through the years, they’ve grown to create thousands of jobs in the Lehigh Valley. Their commercial and industrial lands occupy more than 14 million square feet in real estate in the region and they produce nearly 900,000 turkeys, annually, feeding families including those in the White House. And this year, the family-operated business is also doing a pound-for-pound turkey donation to provide turkeys to families in their local area.

Triad knew that we wanted to help people have a wonderful holiday meal and moved forward with securing turkeys through Jaindl Farms. Then the question became how we would get the turkeys to the community. This is where CPFB came in. CPFB offers a series of programs, touching residents of all ages, which provide food relief and combat hunger.  Individuals and organizations can make monetary or food donations to support their efforts. They also have volunteer opportunities available. Through our relationship with them, we were able to provide 100 turkeys to families this holiday season. And before the year is, we’ll be volunteering our time to help pack food and supply boxes to aid families through the state.

Partnering with Jaindl Farms and the Central PA Food Bank is an honor. Both organizations provide much to many, making a difference in the lives of Pennsylvanians. Triad wholeheartedly supports all their efforts and appreciates being able to be a part of those community connections.

This year and always, we are thankful to be able to be there for one another and for you. And we are thankful to each of you for connecting with Team Triad. We wish everyone a healthy and hearty Thanksgiving.