From conference rooms to make–shift offices in dining rooms and kitchens, Triad Strategies HQ looks a little different these days.  In this unprecedented time, everyone is wearing multiple hats which can include: employee, manager, parent, spouse, caretaker, pet owner, and teacher. A successful day could include making it through a WebEx meeting without a toddler breaking something in the background. 

Although our in-person meetings and happy hours have turned virtual, we are learning and developing routines to help us stay productive. As this is our third week adjusting to our new normal, we thought it could be beneficial to share what’s working for us. So here are some tips from our team on how to create a successful work from home routine, stay sane while working with a spouse and children in the house, and how to continue to exceed client expectations in a new environment.  

Work From Home Offices

Getting Creative 

“Being an extrovert by nature, I have been trying to touch base with clients in different ways–texting, emailing, even handwriting notes and mailing them.” 

Jan Webb, Executive Assistant 


“I learned that iPhone Notes app can scan document pages and create a single PDF.” 

Doug Rohanna, VP of Public Affairs 


Develop a WFH Routine 

“I have set up a permanent workstation in my dining room and have tried to establish a routine. I have been taking breaks throughout the day and am treating it like a normal workday. It’s important to set some boundaries otherwise you will just sit in front of the computer all day long.” 

Megan Dapp, Senior Associate 


“Designate a workstation: Whether it’s a home office or a dining room table, choose a space. Not only will this help you stay organized, but it will also minimize distractions. Also, have a solid morning routine: Just because you are working from home, doesn’t mean you should work in your pajamas, tempting as it may be. Keep your morning routine as close to normal as possible. It will set the stage for the rest of the day. “ 

Jen Riley, Senior Associate  


Stay Caffeinated: 

“Limit your caffeine intake to 30 cups of coffee a day” 

Mike Manzo, VP of Government Relations 


“Cold Brew Iced Tea. I didn’t realize there was such a thing, but they were the only tea bags left on the shelf. They are great and it’s been two weeks without a diet coke. Pro Tip: Go to the bathroom between the 2nd and 3rd video conference meeting.” 

Doug Rohanna, VP of Public Affairs  


Surviving the workday with a spouse, kids, and/or dog: 

“Headphones are your friend: Kids running around? Spouse or partner interrupting? The solution: headphones. They are better for sound during web meetings and you can play some music to drown out the rest of the house. “ 

Jen Riley, Senior Associate 


“Invite your dog to the Team call, it will brighten the mood and distract from your bedhead.” 

Olivia Rindfuss Edwards, Associate 


“My husband has set up his office in the dining room and I have set up mine in our upstairs spare bedroom. This distance during the workday helps me not get annoyed when he takes every conference call on speaker phone…” 

Daena Ortenzio, Associate 


WFH Dress Code 

“Can we just all agree now, ties should remain in quarantine” 

Doug Rohanna, VP of Public Affairs 


“#Hoodieoftheday make it part of your life. Find a new hoodie every day to wear on conference calls to create a solid routine.” 

Mike Manzo, VP of Government Relations  


“Getting to wear Pitt Baseball gear to the office, oh wait I do that to Pittsburgh Office when I don’t have meetings” 

Brendan Schubert, Senior Associate  


Managing Stress  

“I start and end each day with an outdoor walk and encouraging read. It’s important to stretch your legs and your mind, especially when tempted to fixate on the crisis. Renew and rejuvenate yourself as often as possible, you owe it to yourself as much as your loved ones and clients.” 

Olivia Edwards Rindfuss, Associate 


“I have been riding the peloton a few days a week to manage stress. I even coordinate with my friends who have a bike so that we can take some classes “together”. It’s nice to feel connected and to move my body during this time”.  

Daena Ortenzio, Associate  


“I have scheduled snapchat video movement breaks with friends. Five times a day we take 2-3 minutes to do some quick exercises. It has kept me moving but also brightens my day to see those friendly faces.” 

Megan Dapp, Senior Associate  


“For every 10 hours of Schitt’s Creek we watch, we watch 10 minutes of the news. Work/life balance” 

Mike Manzo, VP of Government Relations 


“I am coping with the stress by watching Tiger King (which, yes I originally thought was about Tiger Woods and was informed otherwise by my girlfriend), riding my bike, putting my phone in another room after the “work day is over”, and secretly enjoying not having the pressure to see everyone… (totally kidding about the last one!). “ 

Brendan Schubert, Senior Associate  


We hope these tips can help make your workday more fun and less stressful! From your friends at Team Triad.