By: Mike Manzo

On June 27th, the nation will be captivated by the first Presidential debate of 2024, featuring the two guys nobody said they wanted to win their respective nominations. 

I was thinking about this as I hit shuffle on my phone this morning on the way to work and “Sister” by The Nixons came on.  It occurred to me that I have a lot of music with names of past Presidents in the title.  In fact, I have not one, but TWO of Tricky Dick, since I also have a download of the 90s Pittsburgh band The Nixon Clocks doing “We Want So Much.”  If you don’t have it, go find it. 

So, in honor of the big debate, here is your Presidential Names Playlist. 

  1. Bryan Adams – Its Only Love 
  1. Ryan Adams – Gimme Something Good 
  1. Breaking Benjamin – So Cold 
  1. Bush – Machinehead 
  1. Jackson Brown – Running on Empty 
  1. Luscious Jackson – Naked Eye 
  1. Michael Jackson – Off the Wall 
  1. Jefferson Airplane – White Rabbit 
  1. Jamey Johnson – In Color 
  1. Linkin Park (close enough, Abe) – Bleed It Out 
  1.  George Clinton/Parliament – Flashlight 
  1. George Harrison – My Sweet Lord 
  1. Wilson Pickett – Midnight Hour  
  1. Warren G – Regulate 
  1. Dead Kennedys – Holidays in Cambodia 
  1. The Nixons – Sister 
  1. Nixon Clocks – We Want So Much 
  1. June Carter Cash – Time’s a-Wastin’ 
  1. Dean Martin (Van Buren, babies) – Evening in Roma 
  1. Zach Brown Band (Zachary Taylor, maybe a stretch) — Free 

And your bonus track: 

  1. The Presidents of the United States of America – Peaches 

Happy debate day! 

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