Friday, December 11, 2020

By Aaron Danks

A Presidential election, a subsequent outcry of malfeasance, new caucus leadership, CARES Act dollars, an expiring stop-gap budget, a PennDOT shortfall, and RACP and Multimodal application process – all during a spiraling pandemic. To say the least, it was a unique experience being on board with Triad Strategies “in” Harrisburg this fall.


From day one, I was able to get a fuller understanding of policy issues and the legislative process. I became familiar with key decision makers around the capital along with stakeholders sharing an interest in client-related issues. Through my work with the Public Affairs team, I honed my skills as a political communicator. Triad’s fundamentals, covered during our weekly discussions, gave me valuable insight into what it means to be a successful, yet values-driven professional.


As an intern, I was exposed to a wide range of projects, touching on a number of client-specific policy issues. I spent my days offering support to both the advocacy & communications and government affairs teams researching issues, creating deliverables, attending hearings, and drafting forms of communication.


And while I had the constant support of team members like Asa, Olivia, and Megan, it was always a comforting thought knowing that, as interns, Alexus and I were able to rely on and defer to one another in times of uncertainty during these projects. 


I can confidently say that my time with Triad has been one of the most valuable experiences in my young political career. It was an incredible way to spend my final semester. I am beyond grateful and I would like to thank Roy, Megan, Olivia, and everyone on the government relations and advocacy & communications teams for giving me a chance and welcoming me as a small part of the Triad family. Once Harrisburg returns to relative normalcy, I hope to make a trip to the famed Penthouse and meet everybody in person.