Reliable roads and bridges are paramount in any community’s efforts to grow and attract new businesses. But to the dismay of many, Pennsylvania has been struggling for years in supporting this vital asset.

With billions in unfunded projects clogging the pipeline of the state’s transportation needs, many in Harrisburg were immensely concerned with the future of these projects following the pandemic-prompted economic decline. Few issues draw more attention from economic development experts than transportation needs. With less money coming to the state, how was Pennsylvania going to maintain is infrastructure?

Fortunately, through the combined efforts of the Associated Pennsylvania Constructors (APC), its members, and the team at Triad Strategies, lawmakers included a new infusion of critical dollars for transportation projects in the 2021-22 state budget.

While just about everyone in the state was looking to Harrisburg for additional support this year, lawmakers were torn on how and where to spend new funds. But with a carefully crafted messages that centered on the state’s existing infrastructure needs and the importance of investing in family-sustaining construction jobs, the APC-Triad team helped secure $279 million in new funds for road and bridge projects.

Nearly everyone in Harrisburg agrees more needs to be done in transportation, and many options are now being considered. But thanks to this year’s efforts, greater attention is being afforded to the matter while critical community projects will be getting funds they so greatly deserve.