By Yvonne Roberts  

Triad Strategies is a tight-knit family, and we’ve been navigating life in this pandemic as a family since March. Team member Yvonne Roberts reflects on how the pandemic has adjusted her lens not only in her personal life, but professionally, as she continues serving her clientssupporting the partners Triad works with and living her life in “the new world.  

COVID-19 has changed life in many ways and forced me to do a lot of things differently. And while I may not always be quick to accept change, if I’m being honest with myself, doing things differently isn’t so bad. COVID-19 has allowed me to demonstrate the importance of being flexible and willing to adjust to survive “the new normal.”  

According to several studies and articles, forming and sustaining new habits takes an average of 21 days. Having adopted these changes over the course of the last 10 months, I suspect I will continue these new practices even once we are beyond the coronavirus.  

Early in the pandemic, I found it somewhat awkward to find new ways to handle my day-to-day lifestyle. Yet somehow, I discovered comfort and enjoyment that didn’t exist prior to COVID. When I concentrated only on my lifestyle as it related to my job, I began to take advantage of options outside of the workplace that quickly ended as soon as the pandemic took over.  

I came to the realization that those hours and days spent in the normal professional setting were ending. Finding alternative ways to attend meetings, fundraising events and award ceremonies was a bit of a juggle initially, because I was so used to in-person discussions, one-on-one engagements and overall human connection.  

Gone are the days of luncheons, dinners and breakfast meetings. While these events no longer occur, I don’t view this as an impediment to what I do. I now just have to be a bit more creative in ensuring that my relationships continue growing and developing in this space. Just like you must water plants to help them thrive, we have to continue finding ways to invest in our relationships, especially during this time.  

At Triad, Roy Wells, president and CEO, has identified exciting and challenging ways for the staff to participate in seminars, training sessions and other related alternatives, which elevates the team members and forces each of us to continue adapting for success.  

Through these opportunities, I have learned a great deal. The tools and resources provided have helped me become a stronger employee. I’m becoming more comfortable with video conference platforms. These virtual alternatives have become a way of life and my new best friends.  

The pandemic has made me more conscious of what is important.  As I often say to those closest to me, life is fragile and uncertain. I have always been grateful to be in good health.  Living day-to-day in the new norm of COVID makes it clear how significant the gift of life is, as well as being acutely aware of the inequities that are a reality for so many. Seeing those who are not as fortunate as I am gives me a reason to be more generous and supportive.  

While I’ve adjusted my lens, I’m still doing business, and I’m still living life. I am taking it all one day at a time.