The Pennsylvania Future Caucus, a bipartisan group of Millennial and Generation Z House Members held a reception hosted by Triad Strategies this week.  Representatives Justin Fleming (D-Dauphin) and Thomas Kutz (R-Cumberland), Co-Chairs, are bringing together a  group of legislators to work across the aisle, set aside differences, and focus on results.  The caucus is supported by the Millennial Action Project, whose mission is to activate young leaders to bridge the partisan divide and transform American politics.

The Triad Strategies Penthouse was chosen as the site of the reception because they wanted a truly bipartisan public affairs firm to be the host.  “We wanted to support any effort that provides opportunities for Republicans and Democrats to build relationships that can lead to the compromises necessary for positive policy outcomes,” commented Roy Wells, President & Managing Director of Triad Strategies.

With a Democratic Governor, a solid 28-22 Republican Majority in the Senate, and House Democrats with a slim 102-101 majority, compromises and bipartisan cooperation will be necessary to solve the myriad of issues confronting decision-makers during the 2023-24 legislation session.

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