By Roy Wells

Building a business is not just finding clients and turning a profit, it is about understanding your purpose, developing a shared vision, executing the mission, and having a culture where everyone understands that the sum of the parts is greater than any one individual.  When everyone on the team selflessly supports each other and relentlessly executes a strategy designed to achieve client outcomes, you have the necessary ingredients to become a leading firm in your industry. This takes hard work, successes and failures, and a belief that every failure and success creates new opportunities to find a way to become better. 

I take to heart the thoughts of Simon Sinek, in his book The Infinite Game, where he discusses the difference between a finite and an infinite game.  Baseball is an example of a “finite game”, where the rules are fixed, the players are known (save for the occasional injury or trade), and when the game is over there is one winner.  He describes business as an infinite game where the rules, players and environment constantly change, and there is never a winner, because the game never ends.     

At Triad Strategies we have adopted Sinek’s infinite mindset.  According to Sinek: 

The vast majority of our leaders talk about being Number One, being the best, beating the competition. The trouble is, business is an infinite game… The infinite-minded player understands that sometimes you have a better product and sometimes they do…There’s no such thing as being the best…because in the infinite game there’s no such thing as winning business. The goal is to outlast…outdo yourself. 

As I reflect on 2023, the public affairs marketplace in Pennsylvania has undergone some significant changes.  Pennsylvanians elected a new Governor, reelected a Republican majority in the Senate, and gave the House Democrats a tenuous one seat majority (depending upon which month we are in).  This has resulted in new leadership, agency heads, and a myriad of staffing changes (as well as the addition of over fifty new members of the General Assembly).  We have seen new lobbyists and lobbying firms enter the marketplace through mergers, break ups, sales, or startups. Ethics and business conflicts prevent monopolistic behavior, so the landscape will always be a competitive one. 

Despite this tidal wave of change in Pennsylvania, Triad Strategies has continued to be a leader in delivering best in class representation to our client partners. I have been playing this game for almost 30 years, and Triad has been in the game for over two decades.  Our success and longevity are a testament to our leadership and management team, as well as a tenacious group of individuals who seem to always find a way to achieve success for our clients. 

A Few Accomplishments in 2023: 

  • Launched a blog for the National Crime Victims’ Rights Institute (NCVLI) and created their annual impact report 
  • $50,000 in CFA multimodal funding for the redevelopment of the Lycoming Mall 
  • Launched a community newsletter for the BeWell Center at Girard 
  • $39.98 million over a 10-year period for body cameras and tasers with the City of Pittsburgh on behalf of Axon 
  • Advanced legislation out of the House of Representatives for cost-of-living increases for retired teachers. 
  • $2,580,019 loan and $5,419,981 grant to replace 750 existing lead service lines for West View Water Authority  
  • A combined $3.4 million for the Williamsport Sanitary Authority for critical infrastructure upgrades in the City of Williamsport.  
  • Kennywood welcomed the Lieutenant Governor for a special proclamation recognizing the park’s 125th Anniversary. The celebration included a ribbon-cutting ceremony with Lt. Gov. Davis, Pittsburgh Steelers Mascot, Steeley McBean and Kenny Kangaroo.  
  • For its 60th Anniversary, Dutch Wonderland hosted Pennsylvania Secretary of Agriculture Russell Redding, US Congressman Lloyd Smucker, and State Representatives Steven Mentzer and Dave Zimmerman. Joining them were children and young adults from Variety: A Children’s Charity as they unwrapped several 60th birthday gifts, including the unveiling of new seasonal attractions. 

As I said at the conclusion of 2021 – Though we cannot predict the future, we can evaluate different scenarios to prepare ourselves for what the universe will toss at us.  I am confident that the work we have done with all our stakeholders, clients, employees, families, strategic partners, consultants, decision-makers and vendors in 2023, has positioned Triad to continue to grow and prosper in the new year.  

Of course, I would be remiss not to say, for those of you who don’t know us yet, we look forward to meeting you in 2024 and helping you to achieve the success you so richly deserve. 

Wishing you all success in 2024 and beyond.