Strategic Business Services

Growing your business is never an easy task, regardless of whether the economy is lagging or humming along. Triad understands the challenges your business must contend with and we can craft strategies to overcome them.

From mass communications to branding, or capitalization to asset management, our professional staff has the ability can meet your needs, whatever they may be.  Whether it is writing business and marketing plans, blast-mailing a million potential customers, or simply introducing you to a contact who can fund your start-up, we have the know how, experience and vision to bring customers to you.


Making Government Your Customer

Getting a government contract is never easy.  The myriad rules, policies, regulations and requirements imposed by government agencies is seemingly never ending, and the frustration they engender can stop procurement efforts dead in their tracks.  Triad’s senior associates are well-versed in the arcane world of government procurement and we can help you navigate the rivers of red tape you’ll need to land Uncle Sam, or any other government agency for that matter. 


Marketing your business or issue may seem simple, but it rarely is.  Establishing the proper brand, identifying the demographics of your target audiences and formulating a communications strategy to reach them are but a few of the essential elements of any successful marketing plan.  Triad’s communications and business development specialists are well-versed in both traditional and new media marketing strategies, and our clients have come to expect innovation and success from our efforts.


Capitalizing your company can be one of the most difficult aspects of running a business.  You have a great idea, a guaranteed market, the means to deliver - but no way to pay for it.  Or maybe you’re ready to take the next big step in growing your business by merging with a former competitor.  Let Triad take the mystique out of finding you a venture angel or taking that difficult first step of exploring an acquisition.  Our experience in matching investors with the businesses who need them, and vice versa, helps us to understand both parties’ needs.  We have the contacts, the knowledge and the vision that will help you achieve success.

Grant Writing

Public dollars are out there.  Literally thousands of grant programs exist at all levels of government and the private sector.  But finding and properly applying for them are where the rubber meets the road.   Triad understands the grant process and the  nuances necessary to ensure your successful award.  Whether it’s researching arcane demographic demands, historical data, or simply writing a clean, concise proposal, our experienced professionals can get it done.  We have secured millions in grants and other discretionary funding for our clients, and no project is too large or small.