District Council 21 Painters and Allied Trades

CASE STUDY: QP1 and QP2 Certifications for bridge painting

sspc_bridge_paint_3.jpgIn the fall of 2013, the General Assembly was preparing to debate a comprehensive transportation funding plan for the state’s highways, bridges, airports, ports and railway infrastructure. It was during this time that Triad was hired to include language in that bill that would allow PennDOT to establish procedures to authorize third parties to prequalify competent and responsible bidders for high performance and conventional steel painting for highway and bridge projects. Doing so would ensure that only the highest quality contractors would be hired to do this work in Pennsylvania.

By working with the Chairmen of both the House and Senate Transportation Committees and their staffs, as well as the staff of the Governor’s Office, language was drafted that would establish both QP1 and QP2 certifications for bridge painting. These certifications would help confirm the contractors’ ability to provide quality work in accordance with applicable safety, health and environmental standards. The final goal was to ensure that any contractor doing steel painting on the Commonwealth’s bridges would have such a certification, developed by The Society for Protective Coatings.

Several iterations of the language were floated by all interested parties until Triad was able to get agreed-to language inserted into the final bill. Triad then worked diligently to ensure the bill had enough votes to pass. That language eventually made it into Act 89 of 2013, and can be found under Chapter 96 entitled “Steel Painting.”

Triad found the proper vehicle, worked with the client, and saw the process through to its completion.