Lobbying is the art and the skill of creating opportunities to move good ideas forward, or in some cases, to stop bad ideas from advancing. In the public policy arena, achieving these goals requires establishing relationships with those who can help articulate your position, and advocate for you.

At Triad Strategies, we take pride in our ability to align our clients with the entire range of people and institutions who can help – elected representatives, the executive branch, regulators, local governments, advocacy groups and others.

About Our Firm 1Triad’s principals and associates have a wealth of expertise in a multitude of public policy areas, including agriculture, appropriations, banking, gaming, education, energy, health care, labor relations, procurement, public finance, technology and transportation, to name just a few.  Our strategic partnership with DTI Development gives us a level of economic development expertise that few firms possess.

Allow us to put our expertise to work for you.

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