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When you come out of the elevator and enter the Triad Strategies office on Pine Street, the first person you are likely to meet is our newest addition, Lindsay Raker.  Lindsay comes to Triad from the halls of state government, where she learned the fine art of making the trains run on time.  In no time flat, she became Triad’s conductor, without the silly hat!

Hailing from the coal regions of northeast Pennsylvania, Lindsay got her start alongside legendary Senator James Rhodes, an education stalwart and icon of the State Senate before his untimely passing.  Lindsay then went on to serve a stint in the office of the Senate Majority Leader, Dominic Pileggi.

Lindsay then found her way to the staff of Senate Agricultural and Rural Affairs Committee Chairman Elder Vogel, where among other duties, she served as the secretary of that powerful panel.

Learning how to keep all the balls in the air under the pressures of a high-traffic State Senate office prepared Lindsay perfectly for her new role here at Triad.  From keeping dozens of schedules organized, to helping our governmental relations team track and react to fast-moving issues, to keeping the Triad partner offices running smoothly, there is little Lindsay does not excel at.  In fact, we haven’t found a task yet that she can’t handle with efficiency and aplomb under the most trying of circumstances.

And avid runner, hiker, reader  and sports fan, Lindsay is also the rarest of breeds here at Triad, as she cheers for the Phillies during the summer and the Steelers during the winter!  Whether you are making a visit to our Harrisburg office or calling us on the phone, we’re proud to have Lindsay Raker as the face and voice of Team Triad!