Senior Consultant

Joe Conti brings to Triad strong leadership skills through an amalgam of experience in business, serving in the public trust and in higher education. His diverse background as business executive, state official, lecturer and trustee affords innovation and implementation of complex initiatives in both public and private sector entities. He offers years of strategic vision and practical decision making with outstanding communication skills, specializing in procurement, issue management, hospitality and biotech government matters.

In December 2006, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board appointed Conti chief executive officer of this independent, state agency. Much of his time as CEO of the PLCB was devoted to communications and outreach.  Conti represented the agency through interaction with the Governor’s office, the General Assembly, community groups and the media.  He convened essential stakeholders such as suppliers, brokers, licensees and the PA wineries for discussions on matters of mutual interest.  Known for his openness, Conti fostered an environment of collaboration and recognized the value of listening with these partners.

As a member of the Senate of Pennsylvania, his colleagues elected Conti to the leadership positions of Majority Caucus and Majority Policy Chairman. He served on the Local Government Commission, PA Council of the Arts and was founding member of the Delaware River Basin and Delaware Canal State Park Caucuses.  Successful in 19 elections, Conti was elected Township Supervisor, State Committeeman, National Delegate and member of the PA House of Representatives. 

Conti served as trustee at Pennsylvania State University, chairing the Campus Environment Committee. He has lectured on Pennsylvania Politics at the Fels Institute of Government at the University of Pennsylvania and was a founding fellow of the Pennsylvania Leadership Academy.

After working in the family restaurant business since his youth, Conti entered management as Vice President of Conti Cross Keys Inn.  With the acquisition of a second property, he became Vice President of Pipersville Inn.  His primary responsibilities were administration of the core business functions of human resources, insurance and profit sharing plans.