United Nations Population Fund

CASE STUDY:  United Nations Crisis Training

UN_Secretariat_Building.jpgThe United Nations’ Population Fund is a branch of the organization dedicated to improving the collective health of developing nations by providing health care to women. Naturally, this makes the organization a target for a breadth of crises, especially because the Fund is active in 150 countries.

The nature of their work can often result in political crises. The Fund must work closely with the governments of developing nations to provide health services, and public fallout is detrimental to its mission.

As with many other organizations, it’s not a matter of if a crisis will occur, but when. In order to prepare for the inevitable, the Population Fund hired Triad Strategies to present a day-long training session.

A dozen Population Fund employees gathered in New York City for Triad’s training, where we taught News Media 101, Crisis Management 101 and presented case studies to attendees. The staff members who participated in the training are responsible for the media relations for the Fund, and often must train their colleagues on the ground in developing nations on how to handle the news media.

The needs of every crisis client are different, and in the case of the Population Fund, its presence in 150 nations requires an understanding of multinational news services, such as the Associated Press and Reuters.

We discussed working with traditional media as well as a lesson on the changing nature of gate keeping in the media. Today’s social media world allows anyone to be a “reporter,” and communications professionals need to be prepared for this dynamic arrangement.

The training went well, and the client will likely contact Triad Strategies in the future for crisis management needs.