Pennsylvanians For Affordable Nutrition

CASE STUDY: How you gonna keep ‘em down on the farm when they’ve never been there?

AffordableNutrition.jpgOne of the biggest challenges taken on, by Triad Strategies was the project underwritten in large part by a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and sponsored by PennAg Industries, a consortium of growers, suppliers, vendors and food processors. As a consequence, first, of suburban sprawl and, second, of the shrinking number of people directly involved in agriculture, opposition is growing on many fronts to specific activities that are key to expanding and maintaining a safe and affordable food supply. For instance, research by Triad Strategies showed that less than half of those surveyed had been on a farm where animals are raised for meat within the last five years and fully one in five have never been on a farm at all.

Triad was retained to develop, manage and grow a unique coalition called Pennsylvanians for Affordable Nutrition. The goal was to bring together stakeholders from across the food-supply chain to support efforts to educate and involve citizens in supporting the tools needed for modern agriculture to prosper in the state.

In the first year of the project, we built a coalition involving all of the state’s major farm groups, the Pennsylvania Restaurant and Pennsylvania Food Merchants associations, groups representing food processors and vendors, the Council of Churches, the Pennsylvania Association of Regional Food Banks and other entities seeking “affordable nutrition” and safe food supplies across the state.

Triad also launched informational and educational efforts highlighted by a statewide radio campaign of 60-second “ag minutes” featuring state Agriculture Secretary Dennis Wolff providing “word pictures” of different aspects of agriculture in Pennsylvania.