Glen-Gery Brick

CASE STUDY: Put it IN my backyard, please

GlenGeryBrick.jpgThe client wanted to put a quarry in a farming area that was fast becoming a bedroom for a nearby small city. Neighbors expressed concern about dust, noise, danger to kids and – most of all – traffic congestion from dozens of big trucks traversing quiet two-lane roads. The client needed a zoning change for the farm it had purchased with a seven-figure investment. So the client came to Triad Strategies for help – but not before the township supervisors had “gone ballistic” and were voicing concerns that even their constituents had not yet imagined. Our task: find credible reasons why neighbors should want a quarry nearby, and find people to speak out in public, at township hearings and in the news media.

Working quietly with the client, we determined that a quarry’s needs are unlike most deepstripping operations. The company had shallow-mined other sites in the county, and each of them had been successfully converted to shopping malls, school building sites, and other residential and commercial development projects. We developed a “show-and-tell” piece for township officials and community leaders, demonstrating that our client could and would reclaim shale sites for the good of the community. We helped the client define and negotiate a win-win scenario for the township – donating land and raw materials for a park and recreation center using the to-be-restored site of the old mine.

We became the key point of contact for the local newspapers, television and radio, all of the members of the board of supervisors, the Chamber of Commerce, local recreation officials and others who recognized that the plan would save more than 100 good-paying, union jobs in the community while creating permanent neighborhood improvements.

Result: zoning approved; project underway.