Chester Upland School District


Triad has spent a great deal of time in Delaware County helping the Chester-Upland School District to prepare for a successful back-to-school event. Between announcement of a new superintendent, and the hemorrhage of public school students to competing charter schools, the stage was set for another flogging in the court of public opinion.

Triad personnel worked with teachers, administrators, community leaders and others to ensure that the buildings, books and branded banners were in place when students arrived. For the first time in recent history, school opened on time and without negative events. In addition, friends and families were welcomed to a back-to-school picnic rally at the end of the day.

Reporters from the Delaware County Times and the Philadelphia Inquirer received a steady stream of information about preparations and plans, as well as expanded access to the new superintendent. In return, media coverage of Day One was neutral-to-positive, despite deep cuts in staffing and ongoing battles between the Governor’s Office and the appointed Board of Control.