Boys and Girls Club of PA

CASE STUDY: Be Careful What You Ask For

BoysandGirlsClubs.jpgWhen a statewide non-profit organization touches the lives of a quarter million at-risk children every day, you would think the Commonwealth would be throwing money at the agency, encouraging it to do an even better job. Nonetheless, with so many “good causes” to support, the state is hard-pressed to provide each with the kind of resources it needs. That’s why this particular organization turned to Triad – to identify special categories of state aid to address its on-going mission. Triad immediately put its wide ranging resources into play and helped identify two new categories of funding – gang prevention and childhood literacy. The goal was not so much to achieve a win for the client; it was to achieve a win for the kids.

By focusing the “ask” on two new areas of potential funds, Triad was able to help the client focus new interest on its remarkable track record of success across the state.

While simultaneously working with legislative leaders in Harrisburg, Triad associates also reached out to Pennsylvania’s lawmakers in Washington, D.C., making the case that investing in our most vulnerable children can pay dividends for Pennsylvania far into the future.

So while Pennsylvania lawmakers were making great legislative strides to bolster reading and literacy programs, as well as crack down on gang activity in urban centers, Triad quietly and successfully secured federal funding for the non-profit group.

In tough economic and budgetary times, even the most worthy causes sometimes can be left out. It is at those times that Triad’s creativity and reputation across the political spectrum can be invaluable – especially for the kids.