CASE STUDY: Getting to Know You

NewBornScreening.jpgA biotech firm based in the Pittsburgh suburbs had been Pennsylvania’s sole provider of state-mandated newborn screening services, testing 99 percent of babies born in the state. The company has developed a state-of-the-art facility and provides the most comprehensive testing available anywhere in the world.

When the state Department of Health thought it might want to turn elsewhere for screening services in an effort to bring down prices at any cost, the company turned to Triad Strategies. While Triad’s government affairs team worked with the Department of Health and selected lawmakers to highlight the company’s interests, the strategic communications group began outreach to news media, neonatologists and other stakeholders to begin to develop a community consensus on what kind of screening program the Commonwealth really wanted.

By the time the Request for Proposal was crafted and published, Triad had secured support for the firm from the entire Allegheny County delegation and key staffers for the Governor. Using our in-house video capability, Triad introduced every lawmaker to the firm and its founder. The video report was distributed to more than 1,500 key opinion shapers and decision makers around the state. Triad succeeded for the client by securing key third-party endorsements for the company’s innovations and screening services and by identifying legislative champions to push for a favorable, bipartisan solution.