CASE STUDY: Special Outreach Works for Special Clients


Triad represented a statewide, private non-profit organization which specializes in finding employment for people with disabilities. The organization’s main goals were two-fold:

1. Raise its profile in state government - particularly in the General Assembly - about the services it provides, and

2. Secure additional public funding for the organization.

To that end, Triad facilitated 19 legislative visits, including meetings with members of leadership and chairmen of standing committees. Staff from both the House and the Senate also were included. These meetings allowed the organization to educate policy makers about their employment and training services for persons with disabilities.

In addition, Triad facilitated meetings with the Deputy Secretary for Workforce Development and the Deputy Secretary for the Office of Developmental Programs at the Department of Public Welfare. They welcomed the group’s input on an employment initiative focusing on jobs for special-needs citizens.

Triad's meetings opened the door for the organization to partner with the Department on the Disability Program’s Navigator Initiative, a $1.2 million demonstration grant initiative from the U.S. Department of Labor.

By turning to Triad and heeding our counsel, the client was able to raise the organization's profile on Capitol Hill and within the Administration. The organization now is recognized as a leading resource for workforce development in the disabilities community.